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Big bad wolf
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Big Bad Wolf Video Slot Game by Quickspin

Looking for a fairy tale themed video slot game? Not sure which Quickspin’s video slot game to choose? Meet Big Bad Wolf video slot game from Quickspin and stop searching anymore! This fun filled video slot game, with a little twist of funniness, features 5 reels and 25 paylines, and it’s purely based on the famous kid’s story of three little pigs who were tricked and eaten by a big bad wolf. It is a unique Quickspin video slot game and has a ‘distinctive’ feature that’s only available in it!

Are you ready to discover more about the distinctive feature? Want to know how you can win without cheating on this game? Read on!

Century after century, the fairy tale of the Three Little Pigs has been passed on from one generation to the other. By the time Quickspin were getting wind of this story, they decided that they would turn it into an online casino video slot game called Big Bad Wolf. It was an interesting choice of title as the game turned out to be a big bad one in a good way. This is evident by the number of game plays it has received so far, surpassing millions already!

The Big Bad Wolf video slot game follows the same tricks used by the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ as he moves from one house to another huffing and puffing down the houses and watching them get rebuilt again every time. The result is the unique in game bonus feature that you will only experience in this game.

As one of the best and reputable upcoming online casinos, Casumo Casino is usually very selective on the games it offers, especially those that seem to appeal to little kids inside its customers. This game in discussion was chosen because it stirs fond memories of childhood. Generally, the graphics are well done and the animation and audio features do a superb job of enhancing the gameplay experience.

Having played the game on several occasions, as I tried to find out why everyone is playing it as well as trying to prepare this Big Bad Wolf review, I will say that it only takes hard individuals not to appreciate the well-developed storyline and the awesome cartoons of the story’s favourite characters!

Details for Big Bad Wolf

Game Type Video Slots
Game Features Autoplay, Free Spins, Multiplier, Scatter, Wild
Reels 5
Paylines 25
Min coins per line 1
Max coins per line 1
Min coin size 0.01
Max coin size 5
Return To Player 97.35%
big bad wolf
big bad wolf paytable
big bad wolf mobile slot

Big Bad Wolf Gameplay & Payout

As an exciting video slot game to play, Big Bad Wolf merely requires you to choose the amount you wish to bet with from the pop-up menu that’s beneath the reels. Since the 25 paylines in this game are fixed, the menu will only have the total bet amount displayed in the menu, with the minimum stake starting at €0.25 and the maximum set at €125. This large range ensures that all the betting needs of all players are catered for in the game. This game also features an Auto-spin feature which can help you queue up the number of spins you desire the machine to spin itself. Furthermore, there’s the fast play option which ensures that you have more spins per minute.


The game’s RTP is set at 97.35%. This means with a €100 bet, your probable return should be €97, excluding your initial stake. Other symbols also pay out as follows:

Medium Value Symbols

  • Pig with brown hat – 5 symbols reward 300 coins; 4 symbols reward 150 coins; 3 symbols reward 25 coins
  • Pig with blue hat – 5 symbols reward 250 coins; 4 symbols reward 100 coins; 3 symbols reward 15 coins
  • Pig with green hat – 5 symbols reward 250 coins; 4 symbols reward 100 coins; 3 symbols reward 15 coins
  • Small bear toy – 5 symbols reward 200 coins; 4 symbols reward 50 coins; 3 symbols reward 15 coins

Low-Value Symbols

  • A & K Symbols – 5 symbols reward 100 coins; 4 symbols reward 30 coins; 3 symbols reward 5 coins
  • Q Symbol – 5 symbols reward 100 coins; 4 symbols reward 20 coins; 3 symbols reward 5 coins
  • J & 10 Symbols – 5 symbols reward 75 coins; 4 symbols reward 15 coins; 3 symbols reward 5 coins
Casumo Bonus Offer: £50 + 200 Free Spins T&C Apply Claim Bonus
big bad wolf logo

Big Bad Wolf Bonus Features

One of the biggest selling points in Big Bad Wolf is the in-game features, which not only reward you handsomely but also add to the excitement of playing this slot game. They include the regular wild symbol, the special wild symbol, the scatter symbols, the bonus symbol and the different in-game bonus rounds. Thanks to all the mentioned features, the game is remarkable and exciting as never before!

The Wild Symbol

The regular wild symbol in the game is represented by the Beehive Symbol. This feature replaces all the other symbols, just as the other wild symbols in the other slot games, to form winning combinations. If you manage to match 5 Beehive symbols, you’ll be awarded a top prize of 1,000 coins; 4 symbols award you with 250 coins; 3 symbols award you with 50 coins and 2 symbols award you with 5 coins.

The Scatter Symbol

Yet another interesting in-game feature, the scatter symbol is represented by the Big Bad Wolf symbol. It appears scattered anywhere on the reels to trigger the free spins bonus round. By having 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels, you are going to be awarded up to 10 free spins. This spins can be re-triggered if it happens that the scatter symbols appear in the free spins bonus round. Moreover, your winnings during the free spins shall be subjected to a 3× multiplier.

big bad wolf spins

Blowing Down the House Bonus Round

This is one of the in-game features that makes the Big Bad Wolf slot game a unique game. It’s usually triggered during the free spins bonus round when a moon symbol appears anywhere on the reels. During this bonus round, the following events unfold.

  • 3 moon symbols will give the wolf the energy needed to blow down the pig’s wooden house. As a player, you’ll benefit from the 2 extra free spins
  • 6 moon symbols also give the wolf extra energy to blow down their brick house. You benefit from the symbols by getting 6 extra spins in addition to a 2× multiplier

Swooping Reels Feature

Have you ever played Gonzo’s Quest Slot machine game? If not, fret not! In the game, they have the avalanche feature in which the reels come tumbling down into void spaces. This is much similar to the swooping reels feature in this game. The Swooping Reels feature is activated once you get any wins on the reels. During this game, any winning combination removes the symbols after you’ve been paid out, leaving a space that’s filled with the symbols above.

If there’s a winning combination resulting from the symbols that just filled the void, the process repeats itself and increases your chances of winning the game without necessarily spending any extra cash. This process can continue for up to a maximum of 6 winning combinations and only stops once there’s isn’t any winning combination. The feature is also available during the free spins bonus round!


The Pigs Turn Wild Feature

I’d like to mention that this is just part of the swooping reels feature, during which any one of the pig symbols turns into wild symbols and consequently increases your chance of winning more. This is what transpires during the Pig Turn Wild in-game feature.

  • Once there’s a winning in the swooping reel in game feature, and the payout has been made, there’s a chance of second win occurring
  • During the second win, Pig 1 will automatically turn into a wild symbol in preparation for the next falling symbols
  • During the fourth win, Pig 1 and Pig 2 automatically turn into a wild symbol in preparation for the next falling symbols
  • If you are lucky and have 6 successive wins, then all the pigs automatically turn into wild symbols

If you happen to undergo through all this process, one after the other as described, then you should thank Lady Luck and give a tenth of the winnings as a tithe offering as you shall have won a whopping €250,000. This, of course, is only if you placed the maximum bet of €250.

Big Bad Wolf
  • Excitement
  • Bonus Features
  • Graphics & Sounds


Marvellously designed and remarkably well executed, it’s no surprise that Big Bad Wolf slot machine is one of the most sought after casino games in the online casino industry. I recommend it to any player who wishes to play an exciting casino game with plentiful or rewarding wild symbols and in game bonuses which are capable of ensuring that your bankroll is on a good run. The Swooping Reels Feature was however one of my favourite feature and surely rewarded!

Claim your welcome bonus today at Casumo Online Casino and start playing this game on the move!

Casumo Bonus Offer: £50 + 200 Free Spins T&C Apply Claim Bonus

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