Our Privacy Policy

One of our major goals is to provide you with a safe and secure visit each and every time you access the site, which is why we have a strict Privacy Policy in place. This policy offers protection for any and all information that is shared with et site and ensures that all collected information will be sorted in a confidential manner. We will never sell, trade or share any information with other sites or any online party. All information is protected, which can include personal information like email addresses, names, phone numbers and physical addresses.

Seeing as this site does offer information on gambling, the IP address will be logged with every visit. This helps to track the traffic at the site and will also restrict access to users where online gambling is not legal.

There are some cases in which certain non-personal information may be shared with another site or service. This is usually shared with an advertising site and these sites will also have privacy policies in which they adhere to. Some of the advertisements seen on this site may come from a third party and an IP address and browsing activities can be collected.

The current privacy policy is in effect to provide protection to every visitor at all times, though it can be altered at any time. Users are responsible for checking the privacy policy prior to each visit to learn of any changes that may have been made. By accessing the site and any information offered on it, one will be agreeing to the Privacy Policy and all terms of use.

We do strive to protect all personal information as much as possible and seeing as the site does promote gambling activities, all steps to provide a safe and secure experience are taken.

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. more information

Cookies are very small files of text that are frequently transmitted through the web browser that is being used when accessing a site. These are generally used for the purpose of navigation and will help the site to offer the best possible service and a customized gaming experience. Cookies will also help pages load quickly and will deliver personalized content to make for a more positive experience. The password for an account will never be stored, though permanent cookies are used, which will register Usernames at the site accessed. Two types of cookie are used, analytic cookies and functional and advertising cookies. The first is used to measure how the site is being accessed and how often. The second type of cookies are used to personalize the experience and ensure pertinent information is delivered to the player based on their interests. If you are conducting real money transactions at the site, cookies will be used and specific data will be collected. The information will only be used to offer more protection to the player and will help to ensure the security of the transaction being conducted. The site has a strict policy in place and will never use any collected cookies for any other reason than to offer the highest level of protection and to protect all sensitive data collected. While cookies do transmit important information, they play an essential role in the identification of the device being used to access the site. They also tell the site where players are logging in from. Any and all information collected through cookies will be stored confidentially and will never be sold or traded to any third party. These are only collected and used to ensure a personalized experience and a protected visit to the site.