Best Bonus Offers For Online Casinos

The standard welcome bonus that is found online is the bonus that rewards players instantly when they make their first deposit to a new account!


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How to find the best Casino Bonuses?

Online casinos provide an amazing way for players from all over the world to access the same types of games they would enjoy at their favorite land casinos. With hundreds of operating sites online, players have a huge selection when it comes to sites that offer different types of games. In addition to being able to play these games for real money and collect great rewards, players can also benefit from a wide array of bonuses and special promotions. Online casinos are always offering ways for players to receive additional funds, free spins, cash back on losses and much more. There are tons of incentives for playing online and as soon as players create their account, they will instantly learn of the many advantages to becoming a real money player at an online casino.

Redeem the best casino bonus offers from our recommended casinos!

Welcome Bonuses – Deposit Bonuses

The most popular type of bonus that players will come in contact with is a Welcome Bonus. This casino bonus is one that is designed to attract new players to a site and get them to create an account. There are actually two types of welcome bonuses that can be enjoyed when opening a new account. One is a no deposit bonus. This is a great offer for those that are not ready to financially commit to a casino site, but wish to preview the games and see what is offered. With no deposit bonuses, the casino will offer a small amount of free casino cash that can be used to place a few wagers on different online slot games. It is possible for players to generate payouts from these casino bonuses, and if they do they will have to create an account and make a deposit to be able to withdraw. There is no obligation with no deposit bonuses.

Players do not have to continue playing at a site or even make any deposit if they are not happy with their experience.
The standard welcome bonus that is found online is one that rewards players instantly when they make their first deposit to a new account. This is the most common type of casino bonus found online and it is a match bonus that is based on the amount that has been deposited. Many casino sites will offer this bonus on the first deposit, but there are also sites that have tiered bonuses, where match bonuses can be earned on multiple deposits. These types of casino bonuses generally award a 100% match on their first deposit and some offer 200% or more. They can lead to great amounts of free cash, making them an appealing offer for any player that is just getting started at an online casino.


Reload Bonuses

Another bonus that is very beneficial and is often presented at casino sites is a reload bonus. This is for players who already have an existing casino account and are making additional deposits to that account. A reload bonus works very much like a welcome bonus as it is a percentage match offer. Though the reload bonus is not worth 100% or more, it is a great way to get some free cash when making a deposit. This type of casino bonus will benefit those players who frequent online casinos and make deposits on a regular basis. With reload bonuses, players may have the ability to claim free cash daily weekly or monthly. Each online casino will have different bonus offers and these will change often, so be sure to check the Promotions page frequently to learn of the ways free cash can be collected.

Cash Back Bonuses

Real money players at online casinos will want to look for a cash back casino bonus. This is a great offer for those that play games frequently as it can offer a percentage of the losses back in bonus money. Cash back bonuses work in two ways. One is where the casino will offer a percentage of losses suffered over a certain amount of time. Another type of cash back bonus is based on how much players have wagered in total at the casino over a certain period. Both types of bonuses are beneficial as they can help recoup losses. Like all other casino bonus offers, these will come with wagering requirements that must be met before anything can be withdrawn from the casino account.
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Other Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are always offering great bonuses and promotions to attract players and keep existing players loyal to the site. The bonuses that have been mentioned are those that are commonly offered at just about every operating site, but there are also other types of bonuses that can be enjoyed by players who have accounts. Some online casinos will offer referral rewards, which are bonuses that are presented when an existing player refers a new player to the site. When the new player signs up and makes a deposit, a flat bonus amount will be credited to the referring player. In most cases, these bonuses can be claimed an infinite number of times.

Another way online casinos offer rewards to players is through loyalty programs, which are available to everyone with a created account. With these programs, players will earn points as they place wagers on their preferred games and the points can later be redeemed for casino cash. Some loyalty programs also offer special bonuses in the form of reload offers and higher cash back bonuses. There are also VIP programs, where the elite players at the site will enjoy more benefits, higher paying bonuses and more bonus selections. No matter where players choose to play or what types of bonuses they find, they will benefit from being a registered member and taking advantage of offers. Casino bonuses are a perfect way to add funds to an account and even earn free spins on top rated slot games.


What can you expect from online casino bonuses?

The ever-growing number of online casino websites has created a fierce competition between them. The competition has been created by the want of the casinos to have as many players as possible sign up at their sites. To them, this is a disadvantage, but to you, it presents you with a golden chance to capitalise on the different bonuses and promotions offered by the sites on a regular basis. Bonuses come in different forms, and any smart player knows that they can one play hands and spin wheels without spending a dime at the site.

In fact, there are known players who the only money they’ve spent at the sites is that which they’ve used to clear the bonuses. While you can also become one of these players, it’s important that you first understand different aspects of these bonuses so that you can easily and effectively redeem them. In this guide, we briefly mention the different types of bonuses available online and go to great lengths to mention what you need to look at the bonuses before redeeming or claiming them.

Popular Online Casino Bonuses

Welcome Bonus – Also referred to as a deposit bonus, the welcome bonus is standard to all online casinos, and you’ll be awarded immediately you create an account at the online casino.

Loyalty Bonus – Also goes under various names, with the common one being comp points. The common theme with the loyalty bonus is that you’ll be awarded points every time you spend real money playing the games at the casinos. You can easily redeem the points for cash or free gaming session at the site.

One-off bonuses – They bonuses are mostly based on specific games or fun challenges themed around sporting events or holidays.

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Important details to look for in casino bonuses



To avoid finding yourself in a sticky situation when redeeming your bonus, it’s important to consider the following details:


Expiration dates of the bonuses


Did you know that bonuses also expire? Just in case you are wondering, this is how they expire! Once you are offered the bonus, there’s a set time frame that you are required to redeem the bonus. In most cases, you’ll have up to a week or two to do so. Failure to do this, the bonus will expire.

But, there’s more to this! Once you’ve chosen to redeem the bonus, you have a specified time to meet the wagering requirement. If this time elapses before doing so, you lose your bonus money!


Look at how different games contribute to the wagering requirement

This is not much of a big deal since nearly all the online casinos use the same system to determine how the different games contribute to different wagering requirements. Usually, the standard system is as follows.

Slots and other games – 100% contribution All table games including Roulette, Baccarat, Caribbean Hold’Em, Craps, Blackjack – 10% contribution Video Poker games – 0% contribution


“Sometimes, an online casino can have special conditions for certain games when contributing towards the wagering requirements. You won’t find out about this if you don’t read the terms and conditions.”


Look at the deposit limits

The deposit limits are always applicable before you claim any bonus online. Different online casino websites have different limits for different bonuses. For example, at a online casino, the minimum deposit that you should make to receive the welcome bonus is set at €20. If you make a deposit less than €20, you won’t be awarded a welcome bonus.


Understand the wagering requirements


Wagering requirements simply refer to the amount of real money that you have to spend on games before you can redeem the bonus amount. Not following? Look at the example below.

A Casino offers you a welcome bonus of up to a maximum of €600 on your first deposit. The welcome bonus is capped at 25× wagering requirement. Suppose that you on your first deposit, you make a €25 deposit? This means that you’ll be awarded an extra €50 bonus. Since the site has a 25× wagering requirement on the bonus, you’ll have to spend a total of €625 before you can redeem the €25 first deposit bonus. This is a lot of cash to spend just to get the €25, you think? In fact, it’s not. Once you consider how the games contribute to the bonus, it’s pretty fair. However, the expiration dates of the bonuses also matter when you look at this!


“Different online casinos have different wagering requirements. Most of the fair sites have a wagering requirement of between 25× and 30×, while those with unrealistic wagering requirements range between 40× and 50×.”

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So how do you get to know all this information pertaining a casino bonus?


Most of the online casinos are smart enough not to lay all this information in plain sight. What they do is hide all this information in the Terms and Conditions section since they know not many people usually go through this section. We, therefore, recommend that before signing up at any online casino, go through their terms and conditions section to discover more information regarding the bonuses.

“Well established casinos tend to have very friendly Bonus Terms & Conditions. They ensure that you are rewarded fairly and handsomely for choosing to play at their website.”

Have you ever had a nasty bonus encounter at an online casino? What was it? Did the casino refuse to pay your bonus? Did you forget to go through the terms and conditions only to discover they weren’t suitable for you? What was it exactly? Feel free to share your story with us!

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Casumo Bonus Offer: 100% first deposit bonus up to £300 + 20FS T&C Apply Claim Bonus