Live Blackjack Guide | Rules & Gameplay

Live Blackjack Online captures all of the land based casino action in full, intense HD, and streams it straight to your preferred platform so that you can have a seamless gaming experience!


Live Blackjack Is the New & Exciting Way to Play Software Based Blackjack

At some of the Best Live Blackjack casinos in the UK, you are guaranteed of having quality services as some of the experienced, professional and friendly dealers bring to you the table action. You’ll always be welcomed with a warm greeting as you choose to log into your account and they will always be glad to offer any assistance throughout the game. This is only an experience that you’ll have at one of the Best Live Blackjack casinos!

Live Dealer Blackjack Rules – What’s your objective?

While playing Live Blackjack Online, your main objective is to beat the dealers hand without ‘busting’. Going bust is the word used to describe when your hand value exceeds the 21 mark. If this happens, you lose the bet. If not, and you happen to have a hand value greater than that of the dealer, but less than 21, you win the game.

The value of the cards

Before we can go into how you play the game and the different bets that you can place while playing this game, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how the cards are counted. All face cards from 1 to 10 are valued at the value of their face i.e., 1 = 1, 2 = 2, 3 = 3 and so on. On the other hand, the King, Queen, and the Jack are all valued at 10, while the Ace can either be 11 or 1 depending on your preference.


How do you play Live Blackjack Online? Blackjack rules & strategies

Playing Live Blackjack Online is pretty easy and straightforward provided that you follow the rules set by the casino. Before you start betting, it’s important that you have a strong internet connection, one that will allow you to play the game smoothly without lagging, or cutting out. Furthermore, it’s highly recommended that you have a device with high processing speeds, so that you can get the maximum out of this game. Once this is sorted, you’ll then be required to deposit some money in order to bet.

The amount that you decide to bet with is up to you and depends on your budget. A good rule of thumb, however, is to bet only what you can afford to lose.

Live casino rouletti

Purchasing your chips

Just as with a land based casino, the first thing is purchasing chips which you will use to make the payment while playing the game. Normally, chips vary from as little as €5 all the way to €500

Choosing the right table

It’s important that you choose a table that best suits you. Under the Live Casino Blackjack section, there are plenty of tables on display and you can always click on the information section to view all of the tables’ details. Things to look for in a table include the betting limits, the name of the dealer as well as the other players seated at the table. A vacant table will always have extra slots on it e.g., 5/7 indicates only 5 players are seated on a 7 capacity table. Once you are seated at a table, you can now place your bets before the dealer starts dealing cards.

Live dealer blackjack bets

The next important step is to place your Blackjack bets. As already mentioned, bet what you can afford and take time to think of what you are betting on. Just like live dealer roulette games, live dealer blackjack has different choices that you’ll be required to make once the cards have been dealt. They include the following.


If you are not pleased with the value of your hand, and wish to add more cards, you can ask the dealer to hit you with another card. The maximum cards you can hold in your hand is 5. When hitting, ensure you don’t exceed a hand value of more than 21 or else you are ‘bust’


If you are satisfied with the cards that have been awarded to you, you can choose to stand i.e., choose not to take any more cards from the dealer. In the event that you have a Blackjack or choose to double down, the game automatically stands.

Double Down

This is a showdown between you and the dealer. If your first two cards have a value that makes you think you’ll beat the dealer’s hand on the third card, you can decide to double the value of your bet.


This is a bet that you make after seeing the dealer’s up card. If it’s an Ace, you shall be placing an insurance bet that the hole card is a 10 value card to give the dealer a Blackjack. If it happens to be a 10 value card, then the casino will have to pay you at odds of 2:1 i.e., it will have to pay you twice the amount you bet. What if you have the Blackjack and the dealer’s up card is an Ace? Then what? Well in this case, the casino will immediately pay you at odds of 1:1, before you can take the insurance bet.

Splitting Hands

If you are dealt with two similar cards, you can choose to split them and play them as two different hands. Once you do this, there are different rules that you’ll be required to follow. First, you are required to place a second hand that equal in value to the first hand after which you will draw extra cards on each of the hand. This rule does not apply if you split two Aces i.e., you’ll only receive an extra card to each of the Aces. Lastly, should you receive a ten-value card and an Ace in a hand that you’ve split, the casino will consider it as a 21 and not a Blackjack


Just as the name suggests, surrendering means that you are quitting the game once it has started and usually happens in two ways.

  • The first way that you can surrender is after you’ve been dealt with the cards but right before the dealer looks at the cards. In Live Casino Blackjack, this is referred to as an early surrender
  • The other way that you can surrender is after the dealer has peeped at his hole card to reveal if a ‘Blackjack’ hand has been dealt. This is referred to as a late surrender

In both cases, the casino will allow you to have half of your stake refunded. It’s however important to note that not all sites allow players to surrender. You can always ask the dealer through the live chat feature is they have this option right before the start of the game.

Black Jack Gameplay


The dealer will deal two cards facedown to each player seated at the table starting from his left hand side in a clockwise direction. He will then proceed to deal himself with two cards, one face up while the other one face down. The face down card is usually referred to as the ‘Hole Card’ and it’s what the dealer uses to determine whether or not you are a winner. Once all the cards have been dealt, and players who want to hit, stand, split, double down, or take insurance have done that, the dealer will then reveal his hole card. Comparisons shall then be made based on the dealers hands and the results shall be as follows.


The Blackjack

Also referred to as a ‘Natural’, the Blackjack simply means that the first 2 cards that have been dealt to you have a combined value of 21 i.e., a 10-value card and an Ace. If you have a natural and the dealer doesn’t have one, you automatically win the bet. If both of you have Blackjack, i.e., the dealers up card and the hole card have a value of 21, then a push results.


A push is simply a tie between you and the dealer. Your hand value as well as that of the dealer have both resulted in 21 or when the value of the dealers hand is between 17 and 21. In such a case, you shall be refunded your full stake.


When you bust, you’ve lost the game as your hand value has exceeded the maximum required value of 21.

✶✶ 10 Card Charlie

This is a special occasion and rarely happens while playing Live Blackjack Online. 10 Card Charlie happens when the dealer hits you with 10 successive cards without you busting. If this happens, your hand automatically wins but only if the dealer’s hand is not a Blackjack