Experience What new online casinos have to offer

As new launches spillover from 2018, to add to the great excitement of new online casinos in 2019, players have more and better choices of online entertainment than ever before! Don’t miss the amazing selection of high-quality online casino sites with the latest games and bonuses.



Don’t miss the best new online casinos

There is one little drawback with so many new casinos hitting the scene at once, and that is, that you might find it hard to spot the best ones. Don’t worry, we will help you out! Here you will find the casino portals that are brand new and yet scrupulously checked to offer the kind of gaming that you are looking for. We are referring to safe and fair casino games, and support that makes you feel right at home.

There is one great advantage to every new casino launching, it adds to the competition in a tough market and gives the users more choice. To win your trust and continued custom, it has to come with a winning concept. That is the reason we love the new casino launches; they simply add to the quality and push all existing sites to do a little bit more to please their players. If you feel that a new setting would suit you well, have a look at the new online casinos 2019 has to offer. You might be surprised to find interesting designs and bonus schemes that are not just about more money and better gaming but are also an adventure in itself.

You could easily try a new casino site without any risk by using a no deposit bonus. This is a great advantage that we see a lot of from new launches, and no deposit bonuses means free spins for newly registered players.

Something that is quite common is a new site from a veteran operator – a truly brilliant combination. The operator draws on many years of experience and builds a new concept where the favourites of yesterday blend with modern innovations. A casino built with the knowledge of what it needs to make it safe and interesting is a good choice. Keeping an eye on the casino news and paying attention to new innovations coming from quality brands is a good idea. We will help you with this and with ensuring that you don’t miss the news in the established casinos that do their best to keep up with the newcomers.

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New innovations to enhance your gaming experience

The casino launches of 2019 are a breath of fresh air, keeping innovation at the forefront. At the same time, it becomes obvious which structures and layouts are the most popular. The need for good visibility on smaller screens is obvious and it is hard to find a new casino in 2019 that doesn’t have a layout made for mobile gaming. The whole casino experience has been adjusted to reflect the small screens in our daily lives!

Due to the need for mobile compatibility and ease of use, many casinos can appear similar when you surf in and glance at their programs. But it only takes a few more clicks into the site to see that how generous their bonus offerings are.

In fact, we have seen quite a few new casinos that seem to totally forgo the classic casino concept. They will offer you the standard games but they do so in a format that is also interactive. This could be a journey in space, jumping from island to island, or just accepting the casino challenges presented in the customised player program. 



This is an idea we’ve seen before in quality online casinos such as Casumo, and more sites are trying to create the same immersive feeling. To us, it is clear that we are talking about a better playing experience that takes into account what you are really looking for.

Creating the perfect blend of traditional casino gaming and interactive adventure, the new casinos in 2019 are something else, something that you don’t want to miss! We want to remind you that the new online gaming sites that look very traditional and don’t come with action schemes and special programs can also be a good choice for you. The traditional approach still attracts players too.


New casino bonuses that give you so much more

Today you don’t have to settle for a standard bonus. As a new player joins a casino site he can be sure to be greeted by special offers, but remember that these come with wagering requirements.

Returning players feel important and well valued when they get amazing offers such as:

  • More bonuses – Yes, after the welcome bonus for new players there are quite often free spins, bonus money and more to look forward to.

Once you are a member of a new online casino you can sign up to get their newsletter. It will keep you updated and aware of ongoing campaigns. You can get casino news on your phone or your email.

It is getting safer all the time

Casino operators are well aware of the risks when playing at online casinos on the desktop or on a mobile phone. They invest a lot in safety technologies to ensure that you can send money and information without any risks. Providing that you pick a known casino with proper licensing you can rest assured that payment methods, transactions, as well as results of the games, are all safe and secure.

Something that we want you to consider is how the new casinos present their bonuses. A site might be completely new, but the way they choose to present bonus requirements is an indication of their sincerity. The same thing can be said for customer support. Where there is a genuine interest in making it a pleasant and easy experience for the player, there is usually a lot of focus on safety issues. Here we should also mention your personal safety when it comes to gambling in a healthy and normal way. Many of the new online casinos in 2019 give good information to those who feel that it is hard to control the bets. The casinos do this in order to keep the atmosphere on the sites positive and healthy.

You should also look out for the logos of eCOGRA and TST. These are organizations who check and control online casinos. They only give their stamp of approval to the safe sites that offer fair games and proper support for players. Taking the time to be tested and to work out solutions for players who should not be gambling online are true signs of a good new casino, so this is definitely a factor we take into account when inspecting a new launch.


Just what can you ask of a new online casino?

A new site might not be perfect from the get go. True, we do see some wonders where you get the feeling of a veteran site although it only recently started offering entertainment. But most of the time there can be some teething problems that will be solved with time. Customer service might be a bit slow at first, and the casino might also still be working on introducing more payment methods. But the following things should always be in place for you to consider trying the new casino out:

  • Games that are controlled with RNGs (Random Number Generators)
  • Licenses that give you legal right in your country to play on the casino
  • Classic casino games as well as live games
  • Mobile games that work on different systems such as iOS, Android and Windows
  • Good support that behaves in a friendly and patient manner
  • The best payment and withdrawal methods
  • Bonuses that are easily understood
  • A great variety of casino games


You might have specific needs for a certain type of game. If you want sports betting you need to look out for the casinos that include it. Read our reviews to get the details before you join!

Should you go for the new casinos online or stick to the established sites?

If you are wondering whether it’s better to try out a new site or stick to the casinos that are known for their high quality, you should know that it isn’t really a choice of one over the other. You can be a member of as many gaming sites as you wish, and taking a break from a casino you have enjoyed for several years does not mean that you are saying goodbye forever. In fact, you might find it refreshing to try out a new site only to come back to your old favourite and see it in a new light.

Being a VIP player at a well-established casino comes with its perks, which is why you may want to keep an eye open for news from that casino as well as being aware of the new ones launched and their special offers.

There is no rush, you can try a new game on your phone or wait till the night when you can sit at your home computer. Use bonuses and offers to try the new online casinos in 2019 for free and without risk.