Best RTP Slot Games

by Aug 24, 2018Casino News

One thing that can influence your chances of winning on slot games online is their RTP or Return to Player value

This is expressed as a percentage and it describes how much of the collected bets will be paid out by the machine. If a slot machine has an RTP of 95% it means that it will pay out 95 dollars of every 100 dollars bet on it.

But it doesn’t mean that you will get 95 dollars back on every 100 dollars that you bet. The prognosis is for all the bets made on the specific machine.

One player can bet 1 dollar and win 100, while another person bets 500 dollars and wins nothing. The RTP is therefore just a measure of how well the game pays out, but not to a specific player.

But this is still a number to keep an eye on and here are some of the best slot games that you can choose when you want the game to return the maximum amount to lucky players.

Netent slot games

Netent slots with high RTP

In a Netent casino there are plenty of great slots. Here are some of the best ones when you are looking for a high RTP.

Mega Joker

A stunning 99% as RTP is impressive. The game also features a progressive jackpot so it provides you with solid entertainment and the chance to win the big money.

Jackpot 6000

This slot is pretty standard, a classic one might say. But the RTP is not standard. 98.8% is a high RTP that you don’t want to miss when you play in a Netent casino. The slot also features a super meter and this makes it possible to win more.

Blood Suckers

Have a thrill betting on this cool slot game where the RTP is as high as 98%. Just make sure you are playing on the original version. Blood Suckers 2 has an RTP of 96.94% which is also good but not as good.

Böb: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword

This slot is will make you laugh and it also gives you 98% RTP. This is definitely a game well worth betting on both for the entertainment and the good chances of getting a payout.

Kings of Chicago

The combination of slots and video poker is very good and so is the RTP of 97.8%. Make big bets to increase the chance of big wins.

Jack Hammer

The first version has an RTP of 97% and the second 97.10%. The theme is inviting and interesting and this is a game that most will enjoy.

When Pigs Fly

Laugh at pigs flying into space and bonus games giving you more to look forward to. An RTP of 97% is very good and the pig theme is fun too.

Microgaming slots with high RTP

Casinos with Netent slots can also offer Microgaming slots and here are some of the best ones when it comes to high RTP.

Microgaming games

Hot Ink

1024 win ways and a tattoo theme… The RTP is set to 97.5% so this might be a slot you want to give a go when you get a chance.

The sea is refreshing and so is an RTP of 97%. Find your luck among fish and coral reefs!

Adventure Palace

The theme is wild animals and there are good bonus effects that can give you more time on this slot with an attractive RTP of 97%.

Betsoft slots with high RTP

Betsoft make many interesting games with impressive 3D graphics. Don’t miss the following…

betsoft slot games

At the Copa

It is dance themed, it is funny, it is big winnings and it is a RTP of 97.42%! A nice game any way you look at it!

Greedy Goblins

This is another really nice Betsoft slot with a nice theme, as well as a good RTP of 97.2%. The graphics are inviting and there are animations to entertain you even more.

Good Girl Bad Girl

The RTP is set to 97.79% and this is one of the most popular Betsoft slots simply because it has an entertaining theme and effects that make it possible to play a lot, even for a smaller bet.

Play n GO slots with high RTP

Play n GO make some of the best slots online and here are some of your best picks with regards to RTP.

good girl bad girl slot game

Cash Garden

The name says it all! This is a slot that can offer you some really hefty wins. The RTP of 98% makes it a smart pick.

Lucky Mermaid

Play this one on your computer or on your phone. The RTP is set to 98.5% which makes it one of the best slots available when looking for a high RTP.

Sports Fishing

Catch your fish and cash out a big win on this slot that has an RTP of 98.3% which also makes it one of the best ones when it comes to return for player payouts.