New Online Casinos to Look Out For

by | Jun 10, 2018 | Casino News |

With so many new gaming sites popping up each and every month, one can wonder just what sort of new casino is worth joining

Today the new online casinos, like Casumo, provide gamblers with exciting new features that could change the gaming experience quite a lot.

If you have been playing on the same site for many years you might not even be aware of everything available on the new sites.

Here are some things you should look out for when you’re considering trying the games with a new provider.

Casinos with attractive bonuses

We all love to get freebies and these are plentiful in the new casinos online. With bonuses, the new sites can attract more players so they try to create offers that are really attractive.

You could get a lot of extra money to play with as well as free spins. Some casinos create special treats for new members. It could be a gift, or the chance to participate in a lottery with a big jackpot.

You could even stand a chance of winning a car just because you became a member at a new casino!

Bonuses are free and yet they will cost you money. This is perfectly acceptable, because a casino operator must ensure that his business will survive.

He cannot give out money and games for free without anything in return. In order to cash out your winnings you will have to wager them. This could be more or less costly.

If the casino is good, you will want to play there anyway and then you will naturally wager the bonus. If not, the bonus was just a nice way to try out the site for free and not taking any risk by adding your own money to the games.


New innovations

With new casinos comes new innovation. Not just in the shape of bonuses. You will be able to enjoy clever offers that make the welcome bonus more fun, but even more important is what happens in the casino in terms of events and the structure of the gaming.

With new innovations, you could get special games that are on available at that particular casino.

It could be a player program where every now and then you get a chance to spin a wheel of fortune or do something else that will increase the fun.

New innovations can also be technical in nature. The casino might work as a mobile casino in a way that makes it smoother for you to go between a computer and mobile phone to play.

Your personal account could be set up in a way that makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy gambling budget and there could be other features that increase your safety and enjoyment in the casino.

New casino games

The latest games

Whether you get the best games or not depends a lot on the software used by the casino.

Today there are flexible casino platforms that allow the operator to include games from many different brands. Keep an eye out for the new online casinos that have games from the big names such as Netent, Microgaming, Play n GO, Playtech and Betsoft.

When you see these brands represented in the casino you can rest assured that you will find the latest slots, good table games and more.

Live gaming is becoming more and more popular and therefore it is also important to pick a new casino that is on top of this sort of gaming.

You should be able to bet on the latest live casino games from a regular computer as well as from a mobile device. The variety of games should be to your taste and the new casino should also surprise you by offering rare betting like live lotteries, virtual sports and more.

Even if you are mostly looking for the hottest slots, it is wise to join the casino that can give you challenges and refreshingly different games when you feel that you need something new.

Microgaming games

Safety and good regulation

A new casino site must be as safe as the one with 10 years of stellar reputation. New online casinos should have licenses that you recognise.

Have a look at the license, the stamps for fairness and safety, and how the casino can offer you safe payments. These are things you need to know about before you join, even if joining is for free.

The serious game operators would never dream of launching a site that won’t protect your private information and money. You can be very picky and only join the new casino that has all of the safety procedures in place.

Coming back to bonuses, you should also look out for new launches with good regulation for these. The requirements for wagering a bonus should be clear. If they are a bit shady it could imply that the casino is less than desirable and not a good pick.

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