How do RNGs Work on Slot Games?

by Mar 14, 2018Casino News

The name implies that the numbers provided are totally random, but some claim that there is no such thing as random numbers

In an online casino the RNGs (Random Number Generators) used for games are very important.

Players rely on the results being random and unpredictable. The idea is that no one, not the player nor the casino operator, should be able to predict the results of slots and other casino games, thereby eliminating any cheating.

Is there such a thing as a random number?

One can get quite philosophical and even religious once the conversation of random number generators and how they work gets going.

People who believe that there are no coincidences and that God governs everything on this earth find it ridiculous to even suggest that the results of a casino game could be random.

If you are destined to win you will, no matter how the game is setup!

But one does not have to be religious to question if the RNG can give truly random results. There are those who say that the RNG gives pseudo random numbers. They do generate number sequences that appear random.

This is done using mathematical formulas like the Linear Congruential Generator.

The setup of a RNG

An RNG has two major parts. One is the seed and then there is the number which is randomly chosen from that seed. The generator must be fed a seed to work.

This seed is basically the starting point of the RNG, with many different numbers that the program can choose from.

Using a formula to always shuffle the seed, you get what appears to be totally random results.

This works very well in a casino because the reality is that neither casino operator nor player can predict the numbers that the software will produce and that means that the games will be fair for all.

RNG - how it works on slot games

Hot and cold slots

You might have come across slot strategies that call for playing on hot or cold slots.

The hot slots are the ones that have been rewarding players with wins frequently. The cold ones have been quiet for some time, not producing any wins.

The idea is that you either benefit from playing on hot slots that seem to be on a winning roll or that you could increase your chances of winning by choosing the cold games that surely should be paying out soon.

The catch is that random number generators are not programmed to give wins at certain intervals, or at least they shouldn’t be. They can produce winning numbers, or symbols as is the case on online slots, at any time.

This means that technically you could win the jackpot on a game 5 times in a row or never in a lifetime!

Testing of RNGs

When you choose to play in an online casino it is important that there is some sort of testing of the RNG used for games. When you see that the casino has stamps like eCOGRA and TST, you can rest assured that the RNG for the slots has been tested to be fair.

This is important since you don’t want to risk playing on games that are set up and will never let you win.

The serious slots producers will do their best to use modern software that makes the randomness of the results as good as can be.

It is in their interest to create games that are fair. When you see games from brands like Netent, Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, Play n GO and more, you can trust the RNG to produce truly random results.

It is luck, or a higher power, that decides if you will win and how much.

random numbers

Stick to the serious casinos

The best online casinos will not take any risks with fishy software that could have RNGs that are not as advanced as others. If you choose to play in a casino with licenses and the software mentioned above, you should be safe.

Every now and then you find a casino that gets blacklisted because of illegal activities but rarely does this have anything to do with the RNG used in the games.

Also, live games are controlled by the same type of RNG as used in slots. It looks as if a croupier or dealer controls the cards and numbers but that is not true.

Just like the software will decide what comes up on the screen once you press the start or stop button, the same will happen in the live games.

There are endless possible outcomes thanks to the RNG, and therefore the slots continue to deliver exciting gaming that we can trust.

The games are never boring because we can never foresee just what will happen in the next round and this is an important part of the fun of slots in online casinos.