Roulette Strategies for Online Casinos

by Feb 28, 2018Casino News

Who hasn’t played roulette with the thought of winning a nice sum of money?

The thought of getting one number right can be more thrilling than the actual money that comes with it. But is there a way to beat the wheel in an online casino?

Most people understand that this is a game of chance, and as such there is no way to know who will be the next winner. But there are still roulette strategies for online casinos.

Strategies that can be useful, not because they promise winnings, but because they increase the chances of winning and also make the gaming experience better.

The most important thing to remember is that online roulette should be fun.

As long as you play because you enjoy the game you will benefit from it no matter how much you win. Let’s have a look at the roulette strategies that can work well for you when you choose to play in online casinos…

Choose the right version of roulette

When you sit down to play in an online casino you should start by picking European or French roulette. These are the versions with one single zero.

American roulette adds a double zero and this gives the house an extra advantage. You can’t control the results but you can pick the games with the better odds.

You should also make sure that you understand the rules of the roulette game. In French roulette you will have special rules like La Partage, and you need to decide if you want to play with them or not.

Try out free demo versions where you can click around and try out bets without taking a risk to your own bankroll.

Roulette table

Get more games with bonuses

Casinos give bonuses to new and returning players. With a free money bonus you could get more bets on roulette games. More bets could mean more winnings. Just have a look at the rules for the bonus.

It might not cover live roulette games and you might not be able to fulfil the wagering requirements when you use it for roulette bets. With a good bonus you have the chance to play for free and win for real. This is a lot of fun and also something that gives you more entertainment at the roulette table.

Create a smart roulette budget

No one should play casino games without a proper budget. A budget ensures that you stick to safe bets and that you won’t use money needed for rent and other things for roulette.

Why is this so important for your roulette strategies? Simply because the games will not be enjoyable if you play with money that should go elsewhere. When you know that you can afford the losses, you can relax and truly enjoy the gaming experience.

Decide how much you want to put on your games during a week, month or perhaps even a year. Also make a plan for your winnings. Some of the money that you win could be used for new bets while some of it should be cashed out.

With e-wallets and similar payment methods it is easier to stick to a budget and keep on top of it.


Avoid roulette systems

The experts claim that roulette systems like Martingale truly work.

The idea is that you increase the bet if you lose, in order to win back what you lost when luck returns. In theory this is a working roulette strategy but it demands that you have the funds for it.

You must be able to bet with unlimited amounts in order to make up for losses. In online casinos this is not possible since there will be a limit as to how much you can bet on the game. Therefore the roulette systems should be avoided when playing online roulette, and also in live roulette.

You can read a lot about the different roulette systems online. Some of them might work well if you play in a land based casino, but almost all of them are useless in the online and mobile casinos where bets are limited and you generally can’t sit and play as long as it would take to catch up the lost rounds.

Pay attention to the flow

Another roulette strategy that can make a difference is one that has to do with your flow.

There are days when you won’t win one bet and that’s when you need to know how to take a break.

If the flow isn’t there, it is better to do something else. Roulette is a lot about feeling, and when you don’t feel the flow there is no point in continuing. Come back another day or switch to a different type of casino game. This will help you stay relaxed and truly enjoy your gaming hobby.