Ultimate Texas Hold’em guide

by Jan 2, 2018Casino News

If you want to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em you should make sure that you fully understand the game before you start

It is quite similar to the Texas Hold’em that you will find in poker rooms but it has a few features and twists that makes it necessary to play with a different strategy to make the most of the game. Here is a guide for Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker that will help you get started with this popular game in an online or mobile casino.

Understand the rules

No matter what casino poker game you are about to bet on, you must understand the rules before real money comes into the picture. This is Ultimate Texas Hold’em:

  • The game uses one deck of 52 cards.
  • The game starts with players laying ante and blind bets. These stay the same size. It is also possible to take on the Trips bet.
  • Two cards are dealt to the player and two to the dealer. The cards are face down but the player can have a peek at his own two cards.
  • The player can check or place a bet 3 or 4 times the ante bet.
  • The dealer deals 3 community cards face up on the table.
  • The player that checked can bet 2 times the blind bet. If the player bets before, he can’t bet again.
  • The dealer places 2 more cards face up on the table. There is now a total of 5 community cards.
  • The player that checked twice can bet the same size as the ante or he can fold. If he folds, both the ante and blind are lost. If the player already raised, he can’t bet anymore.
  • Now the dealer and the player will try to create the best poker hand using the 2 cards in their hand and 3 from the community cards.
  • In order for the dealer to be in the game, he must have at least a pair.
  • The one with the best hand wins the game.

Important points to understand when you play Ultimate Texas Hold’em poker online

There are a few things that you must understand when you play this game online. First of all, you are not playing against other players but against the dealer!

Casino bonusesForget about your poker face and other things that would be relevant in a game against other mortals. You need to beat the cards of the dealer which is really the cards of the computer software that makes sure that they are totally random and not predictable.

You will also play without a rake. No part of your winnings will go to the casino. They already made money on the game with all the lost bets from players who weren’t lucky enough to get a winning hand against the dealer.

You can use 3 cards freely from the 5 cards on the table, but you must use the 2 in your hand to complete the poker hand. You can’t use all 7 to make a hand!

Practice makes perfect, at least when you play Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Learn the basics and play with a strategy in order to make the most of the game. Luck decides what cards you get, but your skill determines what you do with them.

You can place the Trips bet but this is not mandatory. This is a bet on your hand having three of the same or better. Different casinos will award different payouts for this bet so have a look at this before you go for it.

It is also important to understand how to win and how much this gives. If you will beat the dealer’s hand you get an even payout on your bet. If the dealer beats your hand you will lose the ante, blind and all the bets you made in the game.

The blind bet only gives a payout if the player has a straight or better. This payout will be based on the odds that are given for the specific game.

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Play with bonus money

Some casinos will let you play this game using bonus money. This means that you could be playing for free which can be a great help when learning the game.

But very rarely will you be able to wager your bonus money on Ultimate Texas Hold’em and this is important to understand. Because of this, you might want to stick to your own money when betting on the poker game.

Look for free versions

You should be able to find free demo versions where you can practice for free, do so! Even if you have plenty of experience of poker games, you want to make sure that you truly get the rules of this one.

It is not the same as Texas Hold’em played in live tournaments and in poker rooms, so you might want to play a few rounds for free before real money comes into the picture.