Working out the Real Return of your Casino Bonus

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How much is a casino bonus really worth?

This depends on several things.

It is not possible to figure out exactly how much the real return of a casino bonus is, but you can get a fair idea of how much you will benefit from it by looking at a few factors. Here are some of the things you need to consider before accepting a bonus in an online casino.

Bonus money and real cash

When you get a bonus to match your deposit, you will get a certain amount extra in your casino account. Let’s say that you get £500 extra to play with. This is your bonus money and you can use it on most games in the casino. Now let’s say that by playing on slots you manage to win £200 with your bonus money.

You want to cash out your winnings but it is not that simple.

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You will first have to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times. To make it simple, we will say that you will have to wager the bonus 10 times (it is usually more).

This means that you will have to make £5000 of bets in the casino before you can cash out the £200 that you won.

Looking at it this way, one could say that the real return of the casino bonus is no return at all.

This is true, if you deposit £5000 in your casino account looking to cash out £200. That would be pretty silly!

But let’s say that you would play for £5000 and more regardless of the wagering requirement. In this case your real return is £200 since they are an extra that you get by way of the bonus.

Free spins

You could also get free spins as a bonus and you need to understand how to wager these in order to calculate what they will cost you or how they can benefit your casino budget.

Usually it is the money that you win on the free spins that needs to be wagered.

The casino will put a limit on how much you can win with the free spins bonus in order to protect you. If you win £100 and then have to wager it 10 times, you need to play for £1000 in the casino in order to cash out the £100.

But there are also free spins without any wagering requirements. These are usually given to loyal players as a special perk. Use these kind of spins to cash out your winnings without any demands for new deposits.

Online casino free spins

Understanding the casino

With new casinos popping up every day, it isn’t always so easy to decide which one to join. With the bonuses you can try out a new casino in a safe way.

Using a no-deposit bonus means that you don’t even have to deposit any money of your own to play for real.

You just open an account and start playing with free spins or with a sum of bonus money that the casino rewards you with.

If you like the casino, you stay and play more, upon which you get a chance to carry through the wagering requirements and cash out winnings. If you don’t like it, you can surf on, no strings attached.

With this type of bonus your return is not only the potential money that you can win while playing for free.

Here we are also looking at an offer that makes it so easy to try out a casino.

The return is not the actual money, but the fact that you get a real idea of how the site works and what it has to offer, without putting your own money into it.

Testing new games

You can also use slot bonuses to try out new games for free. You might get 5 spins for free on a new launch, and if you win you get to keep the money.

To cash it out you need to wager the sum. If the slots machine is a really nice one, you might return to it to play on it some more.

You’ve discovered a new favorite using the bonus and if you are lucky you will win even more money on the game using your own bets and cashing out potential wins immediately.

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Getting more play time for free

The most important return of all bonuses is the extra time they give you.

Using free spins and/or free money to bet on games, lets you play so much longer. If you had to finance these rounds yourself you might not be able to afford as much entertainment.

Indeed, this is the greatest return of all casino bonuses and something to appreciate regardless of casino or the games that you play on.

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