Who is credited with developing the first Slot Machine in history?

Answer: (a) Did you know that despite no advancement in technology, Charles Fey managed to invent the first ever mechanical slot machine back in 1895. Named as the ‘Liberty Bell,’ the machine’s first intended use was to keep customers in the garage busy as they waited for their vehicles got repaired. However, the machine caused such as buzz that Fey decided to commercialise it.

Which poker star holds the record for the longest poker game?

Answer: (a). To most people, you might be thinking Johnny Chan holds this record as the Chinese are known be good with the cards. However, it’s Phil Laak who holds the record for the longest poker game. Sitting at a Foxwood poker table in 2004, Laak wanted to break the world record which was previously held by Larry Olmsted, which stood at 72 hours and 2 minutes and was set at the Library Bar in Lincolnshire, England. However, after breaking this record, he continued to play the live poker for a period of 115 hours and won $6,766 in the process.

From which country did the ‘no dice’ word originate from?

Answer: (d). I’m sure you’ve come across the word ‘no dice’ on several occasions. But do you know it’s origin? In case not, here’s how it came about. In the 20th century, gambling was still illegal in most of the US states and most people used to do so in secrecy. In case of a bust, players would swallow dice so as to avoid any arrest and hide any evidence that could otherwise lead them to be convicted. This lead to the idiom ‘no dice – no conviction.'

Which is the biggest gamble of the 20th century?

Answer: (d) Surprised? You were probably thinking (b) is the answer given the amount of money involved. When you look at it from that angle, then there are even bigger bets than this one. However, what makes Ashley Revell's $135,300 bet stand out is because the $135,300 was the last money he had. After taking up his savings, selling his cars, houses and all the clothes he had, Ashley Revell travelled to Las Vegas and placed all the money on the Roulette’s Red, which paid off $270,600 after the ball landed on the Red 7.

Which celebrity is significantly involved in eSports as a project?

Answer: (b). Very little is known about Gerald Piqué besides the fact that he’s one of the best center backs in modern football. However, unlike the other listed celebrities who have successfully launched businesses in other sectors, Gerald Piqué hinted that he is soon going to venture into a football-related eSports project. Dubbed as efootball.pro, the Barcelona/Spain superstar urged all football and eSports fans to join together and create a futuristic football in eSports.

Which of the following popular casino games in known as the Devils game?

Answer: (d). Even the dumbest and clueless player could have guessed Roulette given the name is also associated with the life-or-death situation game, Russian Roulette. The reason why Roulette is referred to as devils game is because all its numbers on the wheel add up to 666, a number associated with the beast! If you doubt this, try adding up the numbers and see for yourself.

Which company survived bankruptcy using funds obtained through gambling?

Answer: (b). FedEx is a global company known for offering fast and secure parcel delivery services across the world. But do you know that it’s founder, Fredrick W. Smith at one point saved it from going bankrupt by gambling the remaining $5,000 on Blackjack? Apparently, the fuel prices had soared so high that the company was making losses. On that fateful Friday, instead of going home, he headed to a casino, played Blackjack using the $5,000 and won $32,000, which he credited to the company’s account. The next Monday when the offices were opened, the company’s management realised that they had miraculously received $32,000, the money needed to fuel their planes and keep the company running.

The player to win the biggest jackpot on a slot machine game came from which country?

Answer: (d). The details of the winner to the largest ever video slot jackpot that was won on 21-01-13 while playing Mega Fortune Dreams video slot game is yet to be disclosed. While many websites continue to speculate that he was from the UK or Finland, no official statement was given on who won the €17.8 million.

Which is the largest poker online casino poker tournament?

Answer: (a). Wrong! The real answer is PokerStars event that took place on 16 June 2013 as Poker Stars celebrated their way to the 100billion hands placed in the competition. In the tournament, there were more than 225,000 people who registered with each paying $1 to become part of the poker history.

What are the main reasons for gambling addiction?

Answer: (c). While all the listed points could be a reason to gambling addiction, the root cause is the lack of self-control and discipline when gambling or playing online casino games. In reality, it’s common for most people to blame all the listed factors but the main addiction problem starts when one fails to control their habits. Once an addict, the fun stops and you start experiencing both social and personal problems! On the brighter side, having a gambling problem doesn’t mean that you are weak, no! Failing to admit it makes you weak as there are millions of people who’ve got help and overcame the problem.