How to Win on Slot Machines

by Jun 25, 2018Casino News

If there was a sure formula to beat slot machines, the games would quickly disappear from the online casinos!

This is a game of luck.

Some players make a lot of money on them but not as much as the casinos do. You have to accept that most rounds will end with moderate winnings, if anything.

But the fact that you stand to spin in a fortune is enough to make it fun to play. This is similar to buying a lottery ticket.

The next winner could be you, but unlike a boring lottery ticket, the online slots are very entertaining, with music, animations and special bonus rounds to keep you satisfied no matter what the outcome will be.

Slots are a game of luck

Before you try out a slot strategy that promises you will always win, you must understand that slot machines use random number generators to produce their results.

This means that you can never know just what combinations will come up on the reels with each spin. Neither can the casino operator. You need to be lucky to win, it is that simple.

Therefore it is a pure waste of time to try to click on the start button a certain way, make a specific bet or bet at certain intervals.

slot game strategies

Hot and cold slots

You might have heard about cold and hot slots. The cold slots are the ones that haven’t paid out for quite some time and the hot ones are the opposite.

You could opt for the hot slots hoping to catch the wave and get some steady payouts or you could choose the cold slots thinking that they will soon start to shell out the money.

Just know that the cold slots can stay cold for many more rounds and the hot ones can suddenly go cold. Just because one slot machine paid out three big jackpots during one week doesn’t mean that it won’t pay out another big one a few days later.

If you are going to use the hot and cold slot strategy you’d better do it because it is fun not because you believe it will make you win more money.

Win the big money

Knowing that slots are all about luck, there are still things that you can do to help you win more. Some slots have bigger jackpots than others, this is a fact.

If you are going to win, then win on the slot machine with a bigger jackpot. If you get the winning combination, it will give you thousands of coins instead of a few hundred.

That is something that can make a huge difference. It is not easy to hit progressive jackpots, but if you enjoy the games that offer you the millions then stick to them. When luck hits it will mean a lot of money!

Also remember that many slots are built to pay out more if you bet more. This is simply because your winning combination will take into consideration how much you bet.

You win x times your bet, so a bigger bet will give you a bigger win. There are also progressive slots that will only pay out the biggest jackpot if you bet maximum.

This is important to remember when you opt for these games in order to increase your chances of winning the most money.

Jackpot slot games

Pick slots with good RTP

The RTP, Return to Player percentage, is also important to understand.

There are slots that have a higher RTP which means that they will return more of the bets made on them. You can’t know which player will benefit from the bigger return, but in general it is wise to go for the games that are set to give more back to the players.

The return might come as a lump sum in one big jackpot or through a trickle of smaller wins. You could also play on this slot for ages and not win a thing because a high RTP is not the same thing as guaranteed winnings.

There are slots with an RTP of around 98% which is very good. But anything from 95% and up can be considered decent and desirable.

Remember to have fun

When talking about how to win on slot machines we must also remember that these games are not only about money. You are also out to have some fun.

To do so you need to pick the games with themes that speak to you.

When you are having fun you don’t feel stressed about your bankroll getting smaller. You realise that each bet is something that adds to the entertainment regardless of how much you get back.

Make use of free slots to find the games that you like the most. Spin on these to your heart’s content without the risk of losing any money at all!